September 20, 2018
3 months and 29 days left
until our celebration.
La Jazz Affaire Family Reunion   September 20th - 23rd 2018
La Jazz Family reunion will consists of friends, family, fun and food. In memory of Charles and Margie Collins as well as countless others who have moved on and can't be here. On top of that we plan to have some local entertainment, by some those who have been regular patrons and maybe some who have moved on to bigger things. we plan to have a game night, to include a biswhist tournament for those who think they can handle the smoke! Opps! sorry, That's that trash talker in me.. 7 NO on your A%^$. lol. A party night, and a cookout. Finals plans for those who are intersted are to attend Margie's church Sunday morning as a group, followed by a visit to their final resting place. Plans are meet and greet to Start on Thurday as people start rolling in. Event venue and costs will be shared soon. It's gonna be fabulous, so mark your calendars and plan for your time off! See ya'll soon! On behalf of the La Jazz Affaire Reunion Committee, Welcome!!!
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